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Top Ecotourism Trails You Can Enjoy in Saint Petersburg


Saint Petersburg is known for its amazing architecture and splendid sights. From palaces to subway stations, the city just breathes with art and Russia’s history. However, while man-made objects have their charm, people are also beginning to put emphasis on the natural landscapes.

When society and environment begin to coexist, we start seeing that love for nature can only grow. If you wish to actually to enjoy the ecotourism in Russia, here are some sights that you should definitely put on your itinerary.

Hladyshevsky State Natural Reserve

Found at the catchment of the river Gladyshekva, this natural reserve encompasses two important subjects in Russia: Leningrad region and Saint Petersburg. The rivers flowing through the reserve make this a very tranquil place. Add the flora and fauna, and you will have the perfect place for every hiker. It’s well-preserved, and it will certainly showcase the natural beauty St. Petersburg has to offer.

Yuntolovsky State Natural Reserve

This reserve goes over the water area of the Lakchtinsky Razliv Gulf and over the largest part of the Lakchtinskoye swamp. There are countless seaside landscapes that you can enjoy, as well as a rich flora. Around 90 species of birds have their nests there, and around 50 species that can also be seen during migration. Most of these birds require legal protection, which makes this reserve perfect for someone interested in eco tours around Saint-Petersburg.

Sergievka Park Natural Monument

This natural monument mixes both human touch and natural landscapes, being a park that was built in the early 19th century in a natural forest. The original layout of the forest was preserved, and while there may be bridges and tracks, this trail also features forest entities, lowland swamps, meadows, and onshore reed thickets. If you are interested in ecotourism in Russia, this is probably a trail that might catch your attention.

Northern Shore of Neva Bay State Natural Reserve

This forest natural reserve is not something you would naturally see in St. Petersburg, which makes it all the more intriguing. While most eco trails are packed with fir and pine trees, this one has old oaks along with an undergrowth layer from the oak trees. There is some adjacent water where hikers can see migrating birds gather – and it’s also a place where people can take a dive in the water on a warm day.

Western Kotlin State Natural Reserve

If your perfect trail includes a stroll on the seaside, then the Western Kotlin State Natural Reserve should be on your bucket list. Packed with black alder, sparse willows, and young aspen woods, this natural reserve has an eco-route that is one of a kind – one where you will see a lot of natural sights mixed with historical structures.

Schuchie Lake State Natural Reserve

Packed with fir and pine trees, this natural reserve is clad with stunning flora and fauna that is just as amazing. The area is home to foxes, forest polecats, weasels, martens, and more than 70 species of birds. Plus, you have thermokarst basins that you can enjoy, as well as kame ranges and kills.

To ensure that you remain as safe as possible while still enjoying the beauty of all these amazing trails, you may want to book a private guided tour. This way, not only will you be kept safe from the more dangerous areas, but you will also be shown exactly where all the good stuff is. As an eco-tourist, it is best to remain safe and on trail, so to speak.


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