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Trip Itinerary: Moscow Off the Beaten Track


Amidst the grand style of the Kremlin and the imposing tall Stalinist buildings of Moscow, there are many less-known yet intriguing sights. These sightseeing gems may be unknown, even to local residents. However, they reveal the keys to fascinating treasures of Moscow's history, culture, architecture and fine art. Just as captivating as the many impressive onion-shaped domes of the magnificent cathedrals, these alternative visitor sites are not to be missed. They will sharpen your interest in this city's rich background, culture and secrets while reinforcing your growing fascination with Moscow's many enthralling venues.

Three Fantastic Days in Moscow

When you arrive in Moscow, you will be met at the airport by your friendly, experienced tour guide for transport to your luxury hotel. After check-in, you will enjoy a relaxing dinner and evening before the first day of your fabulous city tour of intriguing places to visit in Moscow.

Day One

After a full breakfast at your hotel, your tour will begin with visits to the exciting venues of the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Star City and the Cosmos Pavilion Museum. These are all fine examples of what to see in Moscow in 3 days.


• Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics (Memorial Museum of Astronautics). - This vast, exciting and educational space museum in Moscow is also referred to as the Memorial Museum of Space Exploration. It is located inside the base of the Monument to the Conquerors of Space, which is found in the northeastern district of Moscow. This expansive museum contains nearly 85,000 varied treasures and hosts an estimated 300,000 visitors each year. Its exhibits explore the history and development of flight, aspects of astronomy, space exploration, space-related technology and space as it is represented in the arts.


• Star City (Zvezdny Gorodok). - At the closed space city of Zvezdny Gorodok just outside of Moscow, you will visit the Yuri Gagarin (Jurij Gagarin) Research and Astronauts' Training Center and the Museum of Space Exploration. Here you can explore the intriguing development of spacecraft and view the very first Soviet rocket as well as early space suits and the original flight simulators.


• Cosmos Pavilion Museum. - In the northern area of Moscow, you will visit this exciting museum displaying a life-size model of the future Mars-Tefo space station and experience its interactive features. This museum is completely focused on Mars exploration.

Day Two

Starting with a full breakfast at your hotel, your tour will include visits to a series of fascinating, unconventional art galleries in Moscow: MARS Center, Stella Art Foundation, Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography and Winzavod.


• MARS Center. - This is one of the oldest exhibition spaces in Moscow displaying its own curated collection of unconventional contemporary artworks. Since it was founded in 1988, MARS has developed into a major center for displaying advanced digital art and audio-visual exhibits.


• Stella Art Foundation. - This non-profit organization was opened in 2003 through the efforts of Stella Kasaeva for the purpose of improving cultural interest and exchange. The foundation's purpose also includes granting support to young artists and exhibiting contemporary art in Moscow.


• Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography. - This innovative center is located in the city's contemporary Red October art cluster complex. It focuses on displaying Soviet and Russian photography and hosting a concert and lecture facility. The center also publishes photography books.


• Winzavod. - This updated art cluster is located in a renovated industrial building. It now contains multiple modern art galleries as well as applied art studios and art-related businesses.

Day Three

After a full breakfast in the comfort of your hotel, your tour will continue with visits to Yeliseev Grocery and the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum.


• Yeliseev Grocery. - On Tverskaya Street, you will visit the grand style, historical Yeliseev Grocery, first opened in 1901. It is widely known for its ornate, extravagant interior decor of the Baroque Revival mode and for its vast array of rare novelty and fine quality items. Once a private mansion where famous Russian literary stars like Alexander Pushkin were entertained during the mid-19th century, it was transformed into an opulent grocery market. During the Soviet period, this grocery was referred to as Gastronome Number 1. It was one of the few grocery stores across Russia without a food shortage, at that time. Many Moscow residents and guests visit this grocery to purchase and sample its delicacies. Others simply stop in to experience its grandeur.


• Bakhrushin Theatre Museum. - Alexey Bakhrushin, a Russian merchant, was an avid collector of theatrical memorabilia, including designs, posters, props and costumes. When he first offered his treasured theatrical items for display in 1894, a museum was founded to exhibit his specialized collection. As a result of the Russian Revolution, Bakhrushin lost his entire fortune. However, he never stopped enlarging the museum collection and exhibits, buying more theatre treasures with donations from oversees sources. Currently, his amazing collection includes more than 1.5 million different objects, all displayed in the glorious older building located near Paveletskaya's metro station.


Your tour guide will accompany you and other tour members back to your hotel for a relaxing dinner followed by preparations for your early morning departure from Moscow. For information about additional outstanding tours of Russia, tourism attractions and to book your next trip, contact the experts at Fontanka Travel LLC.


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