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Join our distribution network of travel agencies to expand your business.

We choose our partners carefully, but once you're in we will make it a partnership of friendship and trust with you. We always aim at long-term partnership that are based on mutual benefit.  

Agent commission and payouts

We work on both NET and Commission bases, with functionality to add on required agent service fee. Among other benefits, we offer progressive commission structure and agent incentive programs, including FAM trips for qualified participants. The Commission will be paid within 30 days after the trip end date.


Agents must provide clients with an actual itinerary prepared by us to ensure that clients understand services that are being provided. White label itineraries can be provided, which allow you to add your own branding and contact details on itineraries. Agents are responsible for communication with customers before their trip. We are responsible for communicating with customers during their trips. Our standard Terms and conditions apply in all other respects.

If you are interested in building up long-term partnership with Fontanka Travel LLC,

please contact us via