Subway of Saint-Petersburg is one of the most beautiful in the world!


The station was opened on 5th November 1955 and was the station on which the first train of Saint-Petersburg Metropolitan has arrived. The design of the station is dedicated to the defense of Leningrad during the second world war. The hall is decorated with 46 marble and glass columns, the central wall at the end of the platform has large mosaic of the woman holding a child.


Not the most beautiful station in Saint-Petersburg, but the deepest station. The station has 2 escalators that take its passengers down to the station, which is 86 meters or 282 ft! The theme of the station is dedicated to Russian naval leaders.

Ploshchad Vosstaniya

The name of the station literally means the Square of the Revolution and dedicated to the October Revolution of 1917. This is the Revolution, which brought Lenin to the power and stopped the tsar era in Russia. This is one of the busiest stations as it is located right under the Mosckowskya railway station, where you can catch train to many Russian cities, including Moscow.

Kirovsky Zavod

The station got its name from the Kirovsky factory, which is located close to the station. The walls of the station are decorated wit haut-relief, where you will see the main industries of Soviet Union: electricity, oil, coal mining and metal production.

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