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Smelt fish– Saint-Petersburg’s delicacy

The history of this holiday is closely connected with the history of Saint-Petersburg’s foundation. Smelt fish was beloved fish by the first Emperor of Russia -Peter The Great and there are rumors that he even nicknamed smelt fish as “Tsar fish”.

During Spring 1703, when Peter the Great was on a fishing tour on Neva river, he got his first catch of smelt fish, and who knows, maybe the unique smell and taste of this tiny fish did even influence the decision of Emperor to found the new capital of Russia on Neva river. Since then the smell of Smelt, which is similar to the smell of fresh and young cut cucumbers- is the unofficial sign of spring beginning.


Russian cuisine

Russia is a huge country comprised of many different ethnicities its cuisine is very diverse. Its dishes are influenced among others by Asian, Caucasian and European ways of cooking. For this reason Russia offers you a variety of traditional dishes to try and to find about more about the traditions they come from. Most recipes are based on wheat and vegetables and include soups, stuffed pastries and porridges.