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Our services: Wi-Fi in Russia

Wi-Fi in Russia

With the help of a pocket Wi-Fi modem, you can stay online during your whole trip to Russia. An advantage of using pocket Wi-Fi in comparison to buying local SIM cards is that you can connect up to 10 different devices with no effect on the internet speed.


We deliver the modem to your hotel or to any other place in Saint-Petersburg or Moscow, at the end of your trip we schedule a pick up appointment, or you can just leave it at the reception desk of your hotel.

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Stay online and enjoy unlimited use of high-speed internet! Pick up and drop off are available only in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Wi-Fi in Russia

 1 day Unlimited Wi-FI                 4 EUR
 7 days Unlimited Wi-Fi              25 EUR                                        
 14 days Unlimited Wi-Fi            40 EUR                                 
 21 days Unlimited Wi-Fi            50 EUR