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Top 3 Saint-Petersburg’s favorite places to be!

Saint-Petersburg is Russia's second-largest city, a cultural center of genius, which is often both mocked and praised. The city's white nights are legendary. St Petersburg is one of Europe’s great cultural cities. Brimming with museums, galleries, and theaters.

To be a part of this you can enjoy a sightseeing tour of Saint-Petersburg. Review our hand-picked suggestions of must-see places in Saint-Petersburg.


Dive in the many wonders of the Hermitage with a private tour.

Hermitage is one of the world's largest museums and houses the largest collection of paintings on the planet. Enjoy paintings by Goya, Rembrandt and Monet, marvel at da Vinci's 15th-century Madonna and many other. Such a variety of presented art will allow anyone to find works that appeal the most to their preference.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood with Italian pink marble floors and world-famous mosaics, which occupy about 7000 sq meters, is one of the most beautiful orthodox churches in Russia. The church is built on the place of the assassination attempt on Tsar Alexander II here in 1881, that resulted in extensive blood loss, later this day Tsar Alexander II died in walls of Winter Palace. Two years later, his son Alexander III decided to build the church on the exact spot where Alexander II was deadly injured as a commemoration for his father. The construction took 24 years and today its multicolored architecture attracts hundreds of tourists every day.


St Petersburg's Peterhof Grand Palace and Park

Learn about Peter the Great’s maritime passions and plans for the seafront estate; and admire the grand interiors, including the Throne Room and White Dining Room. Then, take a walking tour around the fountain-adorned Lower Park, seeing the showpiece Grand Cascade fountains and other highpoints.



St.Isaac's Cathedral is one of the greatest monuments in Russian architecture and art of the middle of the 19th century. You will see The Smolny Cathedral; the icons of golden mosaics and the columns of malachite and lapis lazuli; the ancient icon-painting and carved iconostases at the St Sampson`s Cathedral.








Give yourself plenty of time to discover the best places and cultural destinations with a private guided tour of St Petersburg.


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