Tatar Capital - Kazan

Program description:

The capital of Tatarstan republic in Russia, Kazan is an unusual and very attractive city for travelers. Besides, it's the Muslim capital of Russia.

It is about 150 years older than Moscow and is an unique  place where Europe and Asia curiously meet each other.


The multiethnic region is one of the best examples for the harmonious co-existence of many different religions, Differse cultural mix definitely has influenced Kazan's architectural style.  You’ll find a sublime fusion of Tatar and Russian culture in this city, even by simply looking at the local street names which are written in both languages - Tatar and Russian. Although predominantly Muslim, you will find echos of all religious backgrounds within the Tatarstan republic. 



You will be met at the airport by one of our drivers and be accompanied​ through-out your stay by one of our professional guides who will be available to answer any of your questions, respond to your requests and provide you with special tips, if you are for example searching for a specific souvenir to bring home with. You will also be able to the skip the line at major cultural sights in order to get the most out of your time in Russia.

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Professional & licensed                At the request

Your trip includes

  • Airport transfers

  • Private transportation according to the itinerary

  • Guided city tour incl. visit to Kazan Kremlin

  • Day tour to Town of Sviyazhsk

  • The Blue Lakes Tour

  • Guided tour to The Chak-Chak Museum

  • Restaurant suggestions & bookings

  • Visa support

  • Hotel recommendations & booking support


By car

Not included in the price are:

  • Airplane tickets to and from Kazan

  • Food and drinks

  • Accommodation

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Main sightseeing points

Джефф Рейсли

Kazan city and Kazan Kremlin

Kazan Kremlin.jpg

The Kazan Kremlin is the main sight of the city; it is a UNESCO world heritage site. The Kremlin is an official residence of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and a state museum-preserve attended by thousands of tourists every year. The white-stone Kremlin is the heart of the ancient city that incorporates the culture of the East and West. Minarets of the main mosque of the city – Qul Sharif – shoot up into the sky, and cupolas of the Annunciation Cathedral, oldest one in Kazan, shine with gold. Inside the fortress, there is one of the symbols of Kazan – the famous “leaning” tower of Tsarina Suyumbike.

Sviyazhsk (Island town)


Sviyazhsk is a historical and cultural gem of the Republic of Tatarstan locate 70 Km from Kazan. At present, the place where an ancient fortress used to be is surrounded with waters of Volga river. In the past, the fortress served as a military outpost in the Volga region and a place to prepare troops for an assault against an unassailable fortress of Kazan. In the course of time, as its value as a military facility diminished, Sviyazhsk became a spiritual center of the Middle Volga.

Nature site: Blue Lakes

Blue lakes.jpg

Only 20 km from Kazan there are amazing places, famous for the beauty of nature, the cleanest air and, the most diverse flora, and fauna. Unique blue water. It is a whole chain of unusually beautiful lakes of really blue color, surrounded by a dense forest. The water temperature in them does not rise above + 6 ° С. That's why lakes do not freeze in winter. Flowing from one to another, they form in one place a small waterfall and flow into the river Kazanka. You will find an ecological excursion in a magnificent corner of nature.

The Chak-Chak Museum


The Chak-Chak Museum is a place where you will plunge into the atmosphere of the Tatar life and feel like guests in an old Tatar family. Here you will learn the secrets of preparing the chak-chak, you will be introduced to the utensils that were used before, you will discover a lot of new things seemingly in the usual things.
They say that a Tatar can not eat, but tea will certainly drink! And here you will have aromatic tea from samovar, you will try chak-chak, baursak, Tatar pastila, as well as an old forgotten dish that we restored for you.